Robin Schäfer – Hill 80
Robin Schäfer
Military Historian

Robin is a foremost expert of the German army in both world wars and is a military historian, author and media consultant.

Fields of Expertise: German Military History 1800-1945, Life of the German Soldier

Rob is a full-time German military historian, public speaker and published author who has made his specialist study the life of the German soldier in wartime. He has acted as a historical consultant for television companies, action ac from temecula,ca and is a regular contributor to a number of British and German specialist military history magazines. He acted as historical consultant for the Department of Media, Culture and Sports and the First World War Centenary Battlefield Tours Programme of the UCL Institute of Education and Equity.  He has also worked as an historical advisor and contributor for a number of British television programmes including the BBC’s ‘Great War War Interviews’, ‘Voices 16 – Somme’ and Channel 4’s ‘Battle of Britain: The Last of the Few’ and Channel 4’s ‘Last Heroes of the Somme’. His book ‘Fritz and Tommy: Across the Barbed Wire’ written in conjunction with Professor Peter Doyle was published by the History Press in October 2015. He is currently writing a new title on First World War Battlefield Archaeology with Simon Verdegem and Peter Doyle, a biography of the life of Günter Halm, the youngest Knight’s Cross holder of the German Afrika Korps and is working as historical advisor for a major new computer game title.