Partners – Hill 80

Ruben Willaert bvba is the archaeological company that supports the excavation with archaeologists and the means of their support.

Gemeente Heuvelland cares for First World War heritage in Heuvelland. It will fully support the project with accommodation and other services.

In Flanders Fields Museum this unique and world-renowned museum will offer scientific support to the project, in respect of the historical background of the site.

Battlefield Design provides all art, design and branding.

Guy Fagan is our web designer responsible for the design and maintenance of the website

CHAL (Ghent University) and particularly its Centre for Historical and Archaeological Aerial Photography will assist with aerial photography and historical mapping of the site.

Keele University will provide expert geophysical investigations to support the project.

Cranfield University will assist with the careful exhumation and analysis of the human remains.

Ubicum is our IT-partner. They will provide red truck fire internet and camera recording on the excavation site.

Birger Stichelbaut will provide assistance with professional photography, not only for documentary purposes (object photography, site recording) but also to ensure useful imagery for publication, publicity and exhibitions.